• Office Solutions - Tips for Choosing the Right Office Furniture for Your Needs!

    On average, employees spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in the office. This totals over 1900 hours every year spent at work. The atmosphere you create within your workspace, can either have a positive or negative influence on your team. 

    Therefore, the office furniture you choose to fill your space, is an integral part of producing a functional workspace that inspires high levels of productivity. Whether you’re upgrading an existing workspace or building from the ground up, here are 4 things you need to consider when selecting the right office furniture for your team:

    1. Usage

    Paperwork: Professions that are paper heavy require two main things, a large tabletop surface area and ample storage. Choose a desk that offers the user sufficient space to layout spreadsheets, books, files and any other materials that are used on a daily basis. Desk shelving or under table cabinets provide file storage that is easy to access at any given time.
    Office Solutions - Tips for Choosing the Right Office Furniture for Your Needs!
    Computer work: Select a desk that is specifically designed for computer use. For safety purposes, look for built-in wiring holes or channels for electrical connections that keep cords away from the user. If using a PC, ensure the workstation offers a compartment to house the CPU.

    A combination of both paper and computer work: In cases where the individual requires both, an L shaped or U shaped desk setup will be the most convenient. This model is great for executive office spaces.

    2. Comfort

    When speaking about comfort in the workplace, Ergonomic designs must be considered. You can help mitigate health risks such as carpal tunnel syndrome; lower back pain; muscle tension and fatigue across your team.

    Task chairs: While seated, your chair should support the natural curve of your back at all times. The backrests and armrests of the chairs should also be adjustable to suit multiple users. The Fern Task chair by Haworth Design Studio, is a great option for a sleek and stylish chair that supports your work life. This chair provides total back support and adjusts to your every move.

    Desks: Your desk should provide ample space both above and below the surface. Ergonomic studies have shown that prolonged seating can cause back problems, as well as, leg disorders due to poor circulation. To counteract this a sit/stand desks such as the Float by Humanscale should be considered. The Float seamlessly adjusts between sitting and standing postures without interrupting workflow or the use of power-sapping motors.

    3. Brand Identity

    When designing your office space, it’s important to think about the message you hope to convey to your team as well as external parties. Reflecting your company’s culture and values within the workspace can make your team feel appreciated and inspired by their environment. Consider incorporating bold colour palettes; interesting design elements or casual zones where team members can interact. Reflecting your brand identity within your workspace also intrigues potential clients and employees.

    Quality: The right office furniture should go beyond aesthetic and comfort. Choosing high quality materials and a reputable supplier, will secure your investment and can save you thousands of dollars on furniture repairs and replacements. Here’s what to look for:

    - Drawers should open to their full length and close easily while bearing weight.
    - High quality wooden drawers should be assembled with an interlocking construction versus using staples or glue.
    - Laminate is a great option for both an affordable and durable workstation. Quality laminate surfaces are thick and made of high pressure laminate.
    - The corners and edge of the workstation should be neat and there should be no signs of fraying or separation between adjoining pieces.
    - Choose a well-known supplier that has a proven track-record for providing high-quality products.

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